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Recovery starts right here at home @ Recovery Zone!

We are all ultimately responsible for our own well-being. Since its inception in 1995, Recovery Zone has followed the belief that…
Our families prepare us for life by teaching us the tools for independence. Although we may come from dysfunctional origins, we have been able to adapt and PicForNewsletterNov2006DelrayBeachFLBeachSignsurvive. Resiliency to adversity is a strength and common bond.

Recovery Zone offers affordable housing for people in transition. It is an excellent fit for those persons seeking a recovery residence that is less restrictive than a traditional halfway house but not yet completely independent. Recovery Zone is one of the oldest recovery residences in the South Florida area. 2We have chosen to remain a small intimate environment that feels like home. We provide a supportive, semi-structured environment that is conducive for women who often have had experience in a recovery process but find themselves recognizing the need for mutual, community oriented support.

Daily monitoring of the environment and 24 hour on call response is one of our most valuable tools for what has contributed to our success. We encourage all residents to actively participate in a twelve step program and/or other community support of their choice. We, as well as the other residents are available to assist and guide by sharing our experience, strength and hope. We have found from our own recovery and many success stories, this has proven to be a blueprint for long term recovery. Every individual is empowered to effect personal change, and we assist all of our residents with their new goals.